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USA and Rwanda

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We are a Non-Governmental Organization working in Rwanda.
We seek to reach out to the most vulnerable members of our society, in particular children, youth, and women to empower families and the community.

Our Vision

To raise up the conditionally marginalized people in society through

Our Mission

To awaken their inborn talents through character development infused...

Man on a Mission

Bishop John is one of Rwanda’s most effective leaders

Our core values

We Are In A Mission To
Help The Helpless

Transformational Ministries, aim to assist orphans and other vulnerable children, living alone or in families with limited living means to help them to overcome the feeling of underestimation and grow up with a vision of becoming future leaders of their society.

Our Causes

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Our aim is to promote the wellbeing of historically marginalized people’s children, orphans, and vulnerable children in society

Adult literacy & Evangelism

Illiteracy is a major barrier to the welfare of the marginalized and vulnerable people in Rwanda. They are far behind because most of them don’t have land, livestock and have to survive on casual labour, they are not educated and do not have anywhere to turn to for support.

Transformational Ministries has ongoing program to teach adult how to read and write; so far 75 people men and women graduated.

Cow For Family

We have introduced a program locally known as “Girinka”, translated as “own a cow” or one-cow-per-family program. This program targets very poor families in need of support. Cows have changed the lives of some families in many ways; they sell some of the milk and get income to cater for their needs; the nutrition demands of the kids are met; and they also get manure to fertilize the fields.

So far Transformational Ministries has given cows to 46 families. We have more families to benefit from this program.


Historically marginalized children and other vulnerable children are more affected with high dropout rate, even though they are exempted from paying primary and secondary school fees. The absence of school materials, uniforms, shoes, school feeding and other incentives makes it difficult for them to attend school.  We have more children in these conditions needing help.

House Renovation

 Poor housing is strong linked to poor health for residents. Substandard housing such as water leaks has been linked both with physical illness such as tuberculosis and respiratory infections and with psychological distress among adult and children

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The world would have us believe that being a Christian is a small part of a person’s life, a minor quirk, not life changing path. Transformational Ministries Inc. preaches the gospel. According to Psalm 127:1 NIV “Unless the Lord builds the house, its builders labor in vain”

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The vision of Transformational Ministries (TM) is to help marginalized and vulnerable people get empowered economically, and free from social and conditional injustice.

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