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The principal direction of Transformational Ministries lies in Education, Leadership Development, Capacity Building, Reconciliation and Evangelism


Transformational Ministries Inc. is pursuing the work of reconciliation for mending the torn social fabric between the genocidaires and the victims of the genocide. This process is imaginably difficult but it is doable and going forward across the country, Rwandans are seeking forgiveness and granting it. Cities, towns, and villages that were torn apart by senseless violence are coming together once again. People are living and worshiping together. What the World once abandoned has become the shining star, but the journey continues.

And yet more that eighteen years after the genocide there are still deep scars. Some cannot face the crimes they have committed or forgive the wrong that was done to them. Unhealed pain hurts and unrepented guilt kills only repentance and forgiveness can bring the healing that allows people to move beyond the past and move forward into a brighter transformational future (in sustainable development).

Our Evangelism

The world would have us believe that being a Christian is a small part of a person’s life, a minor quirk, not life changing path. Transformational Ministries Inc. preaches the gospel. According to Psalm 127:1 NIV “Unless the Lord builds the house, its builders labor in vain”

A ministry without God Conviction – Faith and Hope at its foundations will never accomplish anything of lasting significance. Rwandans, like all other peoples, need to have their lives transformed by the power of Christ.

This transformation causes love between neighbors, joy in any circumstances, peace among people, patience in all things, kindness and gentleness in all actions, and self-control to keep from doing evil. The result of this will be a nation that is guided by Christian principles, one in which living and working together is both possible and productive

Leadership Development

Africa has been plagued by visionary and strategic leadership from the exploitative colonial taskmasters to modern dictators, Africa has been ruled by people more concerned with their own interests than those of the people they are supposed to be serving and leading.

Transformational Ministries Inc. seeks to be a part of the changing Rwanda by contributing and encouraging development of good leadership. We teach the concept of servant leadership that all leaders are called by God to deliver injustice and to look out for the well being of those they led.

African leaders are responding good examples as being set! According to World Bank statistics, Rwanda has the lowest level of corruption, faster economic growth, and the cleanest cities in Africa. President Kagame has made it a personal mission to stamp out bribery and corruption generally.

We are also encouraging the rest of Rwandan people to be good citizens, to live peaceably with their neighbors, to be loyal to their country, and to be productive to support their country in any possible way.


Transformational Ministries Inc, aim to assist orphans and other vulnerable children, living alone or in families with limited living means to help them to overcome the feeling of underestimation and grow up with a vision of becoming future leaders of their society. Though the government of Rwanda has initiated a free 12 years basic education program, this group of people cannot afford the cost of schooling children in either primary or senior schools. Transformational Ministries Inc has to do the following:

    • Assist orphans and vulnerable children through education facilitation, and psychosocial support
    • Inspire orphans and vulnerable children to become a good citizen through character education trainings, Gospel and fellowship, and counseling sessions for good academic performance
    • Promote the wellbeing of orphans and vulnerable children through outreach programs to deeply understand and respond to their concerns.
    • Providing education to orphans and vulnerable children is a great contribution to breaking the cycle of inter-generational poverty.
    • Poor access to education is central to lack of realization other human rights such as the freedom of expression.
    • Though primary education is free, many direct and indirect cost of schooling still have to be covered by parents and individual households, and inadequate funds for buying school materials remain a serious problem for some families living in poverty.
    • Other limiting factors may become a barrier to orphans and vulnerable children to access primary education, including hunger, trauma, stigma and discrimination.